These are a few important notes to remember when parking.

The Meter Doesn't Turn Green

expired meter

Don’t worry you are green with meterEZ

Our app does NOT communicate with the meter itself.  Rather, the meter enforcement personnel will have a tablet that will let them know you are legally parked.  If you phone shows time remaining then you are legally parked.

Why did I get charged $1?

Don’t worry its just a pre-auth

Our system does a pre-authorization to ensure the card is valid. You may see a $1 charge in your bank account. This is only TEMPORARY and will not post to your account, and only valid parking purchases will post to your bank account.

Not Receiving Time Running Out Notifications?

Make sure you’ve “allowed” notifications for the meterEZ app

When you first set up the meterEZ app, it will ask you if you’d like to “Allow Notifications”. If you did not do so, the app will not be able to notify you when your parking session is about to expire. Make sure to go into your notification settings and verify that notifications are enabled for the meterEZ app. How-tos for iOS or Android.

Need Help or Wrongfully Ticketed?

Let us know how we can help