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Please contact us with any questions.

Please reach out to us with any questions you may have.  Below is good contact information to reach us for specific questions.  First here is a little overview of our solution.

Official Name: meterEZ lowercase “m” and no spaces or dashes.

Who are we? We are a mobile parking solution company with a convenient mobile app for purchasing and adding time to your parking.  No more quarters, no more standing in the rain and snow, and no more running back to your car to add more time.  The best part is we require nearly no infrastructure cost for implementation.


  • No Wallet: Our pricing is a .40 cent convenience fee per parking transaction if the “Parker” does not use the meterEZ wallet feature and only wants to pay for a single parking session.
  • With Wallet:  “Parkers” can add a minimum of $10 to their meterEZ mobile app wallet and this will reduce the cost of parking to only .20 cents per parking session plus the time they purchased.
  • Why the cost? The largest overhead that we have for our mobile parking app is Visa and MasterCard processing fees.  In many cases the cost per transaction will be near .30 cents.   On top of that cost is our general business overhead.  The wallet’s minimum $10 allows us to offer the wallet at a significantly reduced cost to the ‘Parkers” as there is only a single processing fee through the Credit Card companies.

Press Contact Nate Wheeler Email: Phone: 814-392-3158