Pay Parking by phone
meterEZ Mobile Parking Solution

A mobile app parking payment solution for municipalities and lots.  Quick setup, very low cost integration, and innovative parking features for users.

Affordable for Municipalities

MeterEZ has a very low startup cost when compared to other modern parking solutions.  Because there is no special kiosks or meter heads to purchase the cost to begin working with meterEZ is affordable.

Easy to Integrate

Within just a couple of week the meterEZ team can map your city and integrate your parking with our solution.  We place vinyl stickers on existing meters and integrate your pricing and the rest becomes automated.

Convenient for Parkers

Parkers now have a very intuitive and convenient solution at their fingertips to pay for parking.  Our mobile app makes it easy to select, purchase and add additional time to their parking.
Add parking time

Remotely add time to parking period.

Never Run Out of Time

No reason to run back to your car when your meeting goes long or hoping you don’t get a ticket.  You will be notified when 10 minutes remains on your meter and with a couple clicks you can add more time.

Add parking time

Seamless integration with current meter reading procedures.

Enforcement Integration

MeterEZ will integrate with nearly any enforcement solution on the market.  Our team of developers will work with your city to create a mobile pay / enforcement solution that works for your needs.  Not sure what enforcement solution to choose from?  Don’t worry, we can help you choose what is best for you.

Meter maid app
Meter maid app
Learn how our low cost to no-cost solution can work for you.

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